Photography and Photo Editing - Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements Elements 8 (Windows and Mac) are licensed for use by all students and teachers in Ontario. It can take only a few minutes to learn the basics of navigating the software, but a lifetime to learn how to dig into all it can offer. With a little time, you can be up and running with PSE and learning how to bring in your photos, crop, resize, filter, apply effects, merge, copy/paste, create, .... you get the idea. This will also transfer into PSE7 and PSE6 for those who have previous software installs on their computers, as 8 is the newly released version.

Please contact your IT/Software contact to obtain and install Photoshop on your laptop. We will have several copies available for installation, but it will take some of your time away from learning. :-)

Learn how to get started using this powerful photographers tool. We'll have a few ready-to-go tutorials on some common tasks, and will work together to learn how to do more in-depth editing.

If photography is your interest, bring along your camera, or pics on a USB key, or laptop, or online service and we can also dive into some of that. It's always more interesting and relevant to work on your own pictures, so modeling how this can engage students is our first step. We can work on basic photography skills, as well as some options for learning and improving your photo taking.

There are tons of video tutorials on using Photoshop. Here's a few.
Learn Ontario - PhotoShop Elements 7
Adobe TV - Search for Photoshop Elements on Adobe TV