Read this to get the most out of your day!

Where: ECOO Conference 2010 Sheraton Parkway North Hotel, Richmond Hill
When: Thursday, November 11th - 10:15AM - 2:30PM

- laptop (WIndows or Mac) with 3 or more GB of hard drive space available
- power supply
- administrator login rights - to install software where req'd
- headphones - if you have
- microphone - if you have one
- flash drive (memory key) - if you have one

Please read each of the Centre's pages in order to be best prepared for the day!
- Download and install any software mentioned in the centre descriptions.
- Get accounts for services (Google, VoiceThread, etc.) where suggested.
- bring any graphics or clips you may wish to use

-- However, we will have flash drives with software installers on hand if you don't get a chance to download everything.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

Peter Skillen
Minds On Media Coordinator