Filmschool 101

Deconstructing and Constructing

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Target: Grades 4 to 12

Deconstruction (Software: Word Processor, Comic Life - for Storyboards)

Begin by using this deconstruction framework. The framework breaks down the following areas of many popular PSAs found on the web. Title, Producer, Main Idea, Setting, Characters, Length, Number of Sentences, Cuts, Shots. Here is the "Tell Someone" PSA to view from the CCA website. And here is the completed deconstruction framework. Lastly here is the blank framework I used to create storyboards for each PSA. (Comic Life)

Construction (Software: Smart Ideas, Word Processor, Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 or iMovie - For Video Editing)

Here is a presentation we created on the basics of film making that includes Brainstorming, Scripting, Storyboarding, Filming and Editing. The original presentation will be shown at today's session.

Some Background

I have enjoyed conducting this decon-recon series of lessons in grade 7 & 8 classes
(and some grade 4, 5 & 6 classes) for about two years now. One of my favorite supports to
classroom teachers is assisting teachers and students to determine the component parts of
a movie and then help them to craft a new story complete with storyboards, shot lists
filming and editing.

Join my Media Literacy conversation.

Note: Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 is not licensed for teacher take home use.
Note: Due to copyright restrictions and limits there will not be artifacts posted as links on this page.