Augmented Reality (AR) with Alex Shynkarenko

Alex Shynkarenko is a student at the YMCA Academy.

I started working on augmented reality about 3 years ago when I was researching game development and playing with my web cam (

AR can be EASY!

Getting Started

What you Need

For the Basics

To Create Your Own
Sketchup (
Sketchup ARSights Plug-in(

Use it in Any Grade

Early grades - Used to display different shapes, or to draw picture and make them come to life
Later grades - Used for Building designs, 3d mapping and art pieces

RESOURCES (Please download these before you come to the conference. If you don't, we will have the installers on a memory key for you at the conference.)

ARSights Here you will find: the ARSights application, downloadable 'marker' and placemarks
Google SketchUp - This 3D modelling tool is easy to use to create objects or buildings.

AR Using Google SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3d modeling tool for anyone from children playing around or a professional designer making a 5 star hotel.
and with AR we are able to make that creation come to life.

Other Ideas

Check out CamSpace ( for many other AR applications.

Another site is which lets you develop for iphone and

Alex's List of Needs!

(Participants! Ignore these notes. They are just for me!)
10 markers for AR-Media
10 markers for Sasquatch
Google Sketch-up samples (yours, other students')

Prepare a memory key
list items to go on key (think Mac and pc)
Google Sketch-up samples (yours, other students')

bookmark all sites you need into a folder